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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 8, Issue 7, Part B (2022)

A study of slope characteristics of lower Girna basin in Jalgaon district, (MS) using RS and GIS environment

Kiran M Gavit and Dr. MB Chavan
The Present study deals with results of slope area variation and its characteristics. Development of landforms depend on climate and its processes on the ground surface in particular area. The present study aims to analyze the slope and its characteristics of Lower Girna basin. Girna river is main tributary of Tapi river. River Girna is flowing across the Chalisgoan plateau where land surface elevation is 630 meters, then this river turns northward to feed river Tapi in Jalgaon district having land surface elevation is 173 meters. The distance between Malegaon plateau and river Tapi is 178 km. considering the highest and lowest elevation, this river is flowing on the slope having 2.57 meters per kilometer. The watershed has ribbon shape, stretching north to south. Girna watershed has great importance in respect of agriculture. Once this area was well known with banana and sugarcane cultivation. At present due to scarcity of ground water, this area became a dry. To flourish and enhance previous greenery, to control rich agricultural soil erosion and to replenish aquifer, slope analysis is essential. Researcher has analyzed slope of lower Girna basin with the help of Remote sensing, digital data and geographical information system.
Present study reveals that the slope area is uneven distributed thorough out the lower Girna basin. It is observed that fringe of mountain, small and large hills, small pockets of plateau, plain river basin and badland formation are the physiographic characteristics found in the study area. Monotonous plain has covered highest area (57.18) in middle part of Lower Girna basin, while undulated and moderate slope has lowest area.
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Kiran M Gavit, Dr. MB Chavan. A study of slope characteristics of lower Girna basin in Jalgaon district, (MS) using RS and GIS environment. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(7):96-100.
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