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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 8, Issue 7, Part D (2022)

A study of social science achievement of secondary school students in relation to their intelligence

Mohd Moshahid and Md Nasiruddin Quraishi
In this dynamic and evolving world, filled with astounding scientific discoveries and inventions on one hand and crumbling ethics, decaying morals and impaired democratic values on the other, teaching and learning of social science is inevitable at secondary level education. It develops the sense of responsibility, positive attitude, moral, social and democratic values in adolescents who are future of mankind in the world. To estimate the successful fulfilment of the objectives of teaching social science, investigating of the trends in the achievement of the students in the subject is much needed. Intelligence plays a key role in shaping the personality of students and their performance in academics. It is one of the proved factors contributing in the academic achievement of students. This study aimed to explore the achievement of male and female students of government schools in social science and its relationship with their intelligence. A sample of 337 students of IX class studying government schools of Gaya district (urban), Bihar was selected through random sampling methods. The data was collected using Culture Fair Intelligence Test (scale 2, form A) prepared by Cattell and Cattell and Social Science Achievement Test prepared and standardised by the researcher. Finding of the study include that there exists a positive and significant relationship between social science achievement and intelligence of government school students irrespective of their gender. A significant difference between male and female students was detected with regard to their intelligence and social science achievement.
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Mohd Moshahid, Md Nasiruddin Quraishi. A study of social science achievement of secondary school students in relation to their intelligence. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(7):263-266. DOI: 10.22271/allresearch.2022.v8.i7d.9994
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