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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 8, Issue 7, Part E (2022)

Concept of green building and its impact on environment and economy

Abdul Wahid Raza and Misbah Danish
In today’s age of urbanization the environment is being ignored by human beings. Environmental imbalance is produced due to different activities made by us. Construction industry is doing a massive role in this. While construction processes and after construction due to faulty planning, pollution is created as well as lots of natural resources are wasted. Water scarcity is a major problem in front of society even though while using water for construction, gardening and other domestic purposes proper care is not taken and water is wasted. In normal constructions proper care is not taken to save energy and energy is not efficiently used. As demand of energy is increasing rapidly therefore there is excessive load on big thermal power projects, which adds into the pollution. The water falling on the roof top is not utilized in normal buildings. The waste produced in homes is also contributing to pollution and in making unsanitary and anaesthetic atmosphere. A Green Building design provides solutions to all above -mentioned problems and contributes in keeping the environment clean and green. The study shows that Green Buildings are only way to a sustainable future Environment comprises of man built as well as natural environment, which are the result of several human activities done by them to enhance their standard of living, greed of attaining the power, money, control and luxurious life. These activities performed by humans lead to disturbance in eco-system, the human activities such as use of non- renewable resources up to such extent that they get extinct or remain a few, not only harm ecology but also reduce the chance of meeting these resources with future generation, not only wild and marine life suffer from these but a large number human population also such as those are fully dependent on forest. A few of such activities are extraction of unlimited ground water and its further wastage, deforestation on large scale, burning of fossil fuels on large scale, land excavation for several purposes, damping of wastage on un-appropriate places etc. If we wishes for healthy, wealthy, well maintained, and systematic life cycle for a community in present as well as to meet these achievements in future i.e. for the next generation, then we should have a balanced systematic cycle of resources used. The sustainability requires a transition to environmentally conductive habitat based on judicious energy and resources used to enhance a society that is happy, harmonious, healthy, and productive.
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Abdul Wahid Raza, Misbah Danish. Concept of green building and its impact on environment and economy. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(7):509-514.
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