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Vol. 8, Issue 8, Part C (2022)

New perceptions of truth in the thousand faces of night

New perceptions of truth in the thousand faces of night

Dr. Rashmi Agrawal
Fiction is creation of a space where the writer communicates his ideas by his imagination or based on his experiences. Githa Hariharan accommodates in her fictional space real life situations, outer and inner conflicts, experiences of the mundane and social influences of the society in which one lives. She presents a strong and convincing discourse on the traditional myths and tries to subvert them genuinely with the yearning to create a separate identity for the new woman. She underlines the need to address the issue of identity of the modern woman. As a postmodern writer, she presents her skepticism towards the stereotypical ethical values, gender construction and the institution of marriage. She proposes that in postmodernist era any validation seems to be impossible and unnecessary. New perceptions of truth need to be explored and stated. The anguish of women finds its due echo here. The claim of women is a respectable living and recognition as an individual. Githa presents how the needs of women go unnoticed in a wedlock. By relating the vast spectrum of experiences of women Hariharan counters the grand narrative of marriage and shows how complicated fallacious the stereotypes are. This paper by an in-depth reading of The Thousand Faces analyses how Githa Hariharan is one such literary voice who is devoted to the task of an unearthing the reality of female psyche and its operation in the postmodern world.
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Dr. Rashmi Agrawal. New perceptions of truth in the thousand faces of night. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(8):187-189.
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