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Vol. 8, Issue 9, Part D (2022)

Protection of women from the domestic violence: A human rights perspective

Protection of women from the domestic violence: A human rights perspective

Dr. Asis Mallick
The basic theme of the paper is to provide the analysis of the Domestic Violence Law in India. The domestic violence legislation is a piece of social legislation which is intended to cure the age-old evil of the society. The legislation is a specialized effort of the legislature to tackle the evil. The paper explores that the domestic violence is a complex and multifaceted social problem in Indian society which is prevalent in every society throughout the world irrespective of any differences though the magnitude may change. The entire social, cultural and economic pattern of contemporary society is responsible for the degraded and unequal status of women. The paper further considers the causes of domestic violence in India. India is not full proof in order to root out the evil of violence in intimate relations as the Indian social system being based on the patriarchal structure needs fundamental changes from within. The deeply entrenched patriarchal value system which looks up male child as an asset for the future and looks down upon girl child as liabilities and burden, this itself contributes in discrimination and family violence. To put an end to domestic violence in the society requires the full proof legislation and the legislation can only be effective mode of social change when the internalization process becomes effective with the attitudinal change to create positive egalitarian atmosphere towards empowerment in real sense. The paper also an attempt to consolidate the law on the point of various activities of violence committed against the woman in domestic relationship.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Dr. Asis Mallick. Protection of women from the domestic violence: A human rights perspective. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(9):247-251.
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