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Vol. 8, Issue 9, Part D (2022)

Amrita Pritam’s domain: The hopelessness of females in conventional gatherings

Amrita Pritam’s domain: The hopelessness of females in conventional gatherings

Dr. Monika
Amrita Pritam is an iconic personality whose bold representation in writings, reinvigorates the sufferings and conflict of women in Indian orthodox society. Her writings have a wide range of emotions, passion and experience associated strongly with her own life and as well as the life of other Indian women during partition. Though she was brought up in a spiritual environment yet she owed a revolutionary nature from her childhood that is the exceptional quality of her writings. In her works, she has represented women as silent sufferers in conservative milieu. Women’s sufferings, their loneliness, their quest for true love along with their struggle to come out of their pathetic condition are the underlying themes of her works. Her literary art explores the hidden psychic realities of women by presenting them broken souls under psychic traits. In our society, gender is a potent treatise in determining the course of life a human being has to lead and it also regulates the thinking pattern of society too. Men and women are unsurprisingly measured different from each other physically as well as psychologically. The passage of a life of women is unquestionably different from that of a man. Males are always appraised as naturally superior to women, whereas, females are looked upon vicarious, resentful, void of self-esteem and prone to despondent. It is considered the birth right of a male to rule upon a female as a subject. Women are neglected, isolated and abducted by men and are always taught that their goodness lies in obeying men. The present paper has advanced towards females’ ‘self’ as it is defined by conventional society, various relationships, and position which inclines to both hit and bound their empirical ‘self’ to discover females’ quests for societal individuality deserving their worth and dignity as individuals, being talented with monetary liberation and optimistic to assert individuality in their familial and societal status. As a writer, Amrita has projected her own experience of being a woman. She successfully probes the fret and fevers of domestic life of women and their disabled spirits due to the continuous hammering of patriarchal blow on their creative selves and self-respect.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Dr. Monika. Amrita Pritam’s domain: The hopelessness of females in conventional gatherings. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(9):275-279.
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