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Vol. 9, Issue 10, Part D (2023)

Role of Mahatma Gandhi in the Gram Sawraj in India

Role of Mahatma Gandhi in the Gram Sawraj in India

Pawan Kumar
In this paper, the Gandhian philosophy of Gram Swaraj and its relevance in the contemporary Indian democracy was discussed briefly. Gandhi Ji presented Gram Swaraj as the conception of his ideal of stateless democracy and wanted true democracy to function in India. It is the practical embodiment of truth and non-violence in the spheres of politics, economics and sociology and offers a potent cure for many of the political ills of the present political systems. The concept of Gram Swaraj is not only political; it touches all aspects of life: cultural, social, economic and ecological. It provides an ideal non-violent social order, in which self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-governing villages function independently in vital matters leading to the holistic development of the villages. Mahatma Gandhi firmly believed in democracy in grassroots. He advocated decentralized governance to participate in the formation of a nation of the poor and at the same time to exclude the state’s intervention in the routine life of the people. Panchayats should have basic unit of democratic decentralization and higher units should cooperate with them. Today the Central and State Governments have to do multitasking for the development of the people; Therefore, it is necessary to encourage the government to take care of the rural and urban population. For this purpose the new Panchayeti raj system has been implemented at the grassroots level and to empower rural men and women. These new systems realize more power than power and authority.
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