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Vol. 9, Issue 8, Part A (2023)

Theme of immigration in novel ‘The Immigrant’ by Manju Kapur

Theme of immigration in novel ‘The Immigrant’ by Manju Kapur

Divya S Patel
Manju Kapur is one of Indian prominent female writers. Her legacy of writing for woman’s issues has fascinating way for inspiring contemporary writers. This research paper inspires woman who believes herself as meek and submissive. Kapur writes about woman’s socio-cultural problems in male dominated society. Her woman protagonists establish self-image in the society to prove woman’s real strength. Woman has no more household chores for family, but Kapur highlights woman as independent for fulfilling her dreams. Big dreams and fame are not only made for men in society, but also for women who want to see their recognition in contemporary society. In earlytime, women are placid and dependent on her father and husband, but now time is changed, women have self-desires and for that they go against patriarchy to achieve her place in the society. Manju Kapur criticizes male domination for destroying woman’s identity and she forcefully declares that woman is not only made for cooking food in kitchen, nurturing children and satisfying her husband, but also for dreaming her desires and establishes her self-identity in society. Here Kapur depicts Nina protagonist of novel ‘The Immigrant’ as self-discovered woman who transforms herself into western culture. She immigrants from old Indian tradition to western culture, immigrant towards self-identity, immigrant towards adapting foreign lifestyle, and immigrant towards independent life in Canada.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Divya S Patel. Theme of immigration in novel ‘The Immigrant’ by Manju Kapur. Int J Appl Res 2023;9(8):20-22. DOI: 10.22271/allresearch.2023.v9.i8a.11154
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