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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 10, Part A (2015)

Hy510 Grease: Maximum Temperature Support and Its Application in Cob Led Heat Management

Er. Pal Riya Bipradas Sanchita
LEDs (high brightness, high power) applications are increasing exponentially every day. The life span of an LED depends on the semi-conductor material used as well as the current/heat relationship. The light output of the LED becomes weaker and weaker and once it reaches 50% of its initial value, the life expectancy of the LED has, by definition, been reached. A life span of a few hundred and up to 100,000 hours is possible, but only when avoiding high temperatures which drastically reduce the length of the LED’s life. High temperature not only results in reduction of life span but also causes surrounding temperature to rise, thus increasing the need for room air conditioning units. Currently there exist two cooling mechanisms for heavy COB LED structures. One is the use of heat sink of various designs and other is by using MCPCBs. Cooling of COB LEDs can also be done using simple cooling solution i.e. use of HY500 series of grease. Use of HY510 grease (which is actually a processor grease) is sufficient enough to provide good amount of cool mechanism for COB LEDs which has been proved through this research paper. This paper also proves that the level of heat flow efficiency increases when heat sink and processor grease HY510 are used together to cool COB LEDs.
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Er. Pal Riya Bipradas Sanchita. Hy510 Grease: Maximum Temperature Support and Its Application in Cob Led Heat Management. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(10):25-29.
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