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Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part A (2016)

Professional code of ethics for teacher

Professional code of ethics for teacher

Shiva Kumar Swamy and Harish R
Every profession is expected to evolve a set of ethical principles to guide. The professional ethics refers to the principles, norms and morality and it also implementing towards a social reformation and a nation builder, it also need for self correction like thinking, truthfulness, simple living, honesty etc and also it needs self satisfaction and to conduct the good behaviour towards the profession should be respectable and specially acceptable, it encashes towards the shape of the personality, resigning his actions and endeavours like dressing up, speaking and enlightenment of his real sense of his humour. It sets up certain ideas towards human, relationship, society, professional excellence, and professional environment to maintain the norms and principles of the profession.
The teacher also should develop the relationship between the students, society and the community with the parent teacher association to strive, close the developments of educational system and also it emerges towards the national integration, philosophical views and spiritual views by its profession and to maintain the responsibility of the system and management of the working places. Finally teaching is the nearing future to uplift the educational system and to maintain the good academic excellences and to regrets the professionalism for the progressive development of the country or a nation.
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Shiva Kumar Swamy, Harish R. Professional code of ethics for teacher. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(7):06-10.
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