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Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part K (2017)

Avoidance frequent failure over SCTP multi-homing

Avoidance frequent failure over SCTP multi-homing

Elhabib Elhabib A and Amin B Abdel Nabi
The multi-homing feature enables an SCTP session to be established over multiple interfaces identified by multiple IP addresses. SCTP normally sends packets to a destination IP address designated as the primary address, but can redirect packets to an alternate secondary IP address if the primary IP address becomes unreachable. However, the advantages in the use of multi-homing will waste. If temporary congestion occur may confuse an SCTP endpoint as to which loss indicates either that the network path to the primary destination is congested, or the primary destination is unreachable. For this reason we modified SCTP congestion control mechanism to prevent unnecessary failovers due to temporary congestion may lead to false SCTP failure detection mechanism in multi-homing to appeared, and make spurious retransmissions and stalling path at long time continuous packet timeouts to reach the inactive threshold. The modified of SCTP congestion control mechanism depends on adding new stage to congestion control mechanism. The new stage set after Congestion Avoidance phase and before fast retransmission phase. When the congestion window become large through Congestion Avoidance phase and transmitter does not received heartbeat-ack, the new stage of SCTP congestion control mechanism trigger enable to reduce congestion window related to packet to improve the transmissions on the path according to the available bandwidth as a long time and get advantage of multi-homing feature. Therefore, we can improve performance of multi-homing, over the default SCTP congestion control mechanism through proposed method, by using OMNet++ network simulator showing that Modification can effectively improve the multi-homing performance. Proposed method is simple and provides a more effective performance than SCTP default SCTP congestion control mechanism.
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Elhabib Elhabib A, Amin B Abdel Nabi. Avoidance frequent failure over SCTP multi-homing. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):737-749.
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