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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 11, Part F (2017)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
In vitro study of: Human RBC membrane stabilization and antioxidant activity of Thespesia populnea L –Poovarasu
Shiyamala V, Varnakulendren N and Vadivel V
Pages: 336-339  |  456 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Technology  |  Country: Sri Lanka
TechnologySri Lanka
A critical analysis about challenge of 21st century of women empowerment in India
Priya Sengar
Pages: 340-343  |  406 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Commerce  |  Country: India
A study on need of information and communication technologies for woman empowerment in India
Navniet Sekera and Dr. Surya Prakash Tripathi
Pages: 344-352  |  462 Views  12 Downloads
Subject: Social  |  Country: India
Enhancing language skills through multimedia-an overview
R Calaivanane
Pages: 353-356  |  478 Views  18 Downloads
Subject: Social Science  |  Country: India
Social ScienceIndia
P.B. Shelley: A humanist par excellence
Husni Mansoor Nasser Saleh and Dr. Farhana Khan
Pages: 357-360  |  674 Views  22 Downloads
Subject: English  |  Country: India
पोषक तत्वों से भरपूर कैथा की जेली
डा0 अवधेश कुमार, डा0 भगवान दीन, डा0 मलय मारूत शर्मा
Pages: 361-362  |  23 Views  8 Downloads
Subject: कृषि विभाग  |  Country: India
कृषि विभागIndia
A performance analysis of various financial institutions with respect to priority sector lending (A case study of Jaipur district of Rajasthan)
Pratibha Naruka and Dr. Manju Yadav
Pages: 363-367  |  555 Views  17 Downloads
Subject: Social Science  |  Country: India
Social ScienceIndia
A survey on tracking and surveillance of multiple road users in outdoor urban traffic
SN Ilakkiya, M Ilamathi, J Jayadharani, RL Jeniba and R Prabha
Pages: 368-370  |  483 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Technology  |  Country: India
Clinical study of basal cell carcinoma in head & neck region in western Rajasthan
Dr. Navneet Agarwal, Dr. Ritu Agarwal, Dr. Hariom Gautam and Dr. Eti Mantri
Pages: 371-376  |  536 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Medical  |  Country: India
D-Dimer and Ct severity index in evaluation of severity of acute pancreatitis
Anil Kumar MS and Ranjith Kothagatttu
Pages: 377-386  |  452 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Medical  |  Country: India
स्वातंत्र्योत्तर हिंदी नाटकों में अभिव्यक्त जातिगत वैषम्य तथा गांधीवादी दृष्टि
डॉ० गीता पाण्डेय
Pages: 387-391  |  25 Views  1 Downloads
Subject: Hindi  |  Country: India
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International Journal of Applied Research