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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part O (2017)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
A study on customers awareness and satisfaction about agricultural credit provided by State Bank of India (with special reference to Tirupur district)
Dr. T Snekalatha
Pages: 1014-1016  |  598 Views  28 Downloads
Subject: Commerce  |  Country: India
Residual gas recycling at waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Sarita Sharma, Ashok K Sharma, Sanjay Verma, Shashi Kumar and Shailendra Jain
Pages: 1017-1020  |  603 Views  25 Downloads
Subject: Chemical Engineering  |  Country: India
Chemical EngineeringIndia
जलवायु परिवर्तन का भारत पर प्रभाव
देवीसिंह मीना
Pages: 1021-1024  |  22 Views  6 Downloads
Subject: भूगोल विभाग  |  Country: India
भूगोल विभागIndia
A study to assess the Effectiveness of self-instructional module on nursing care of child under phototherapy among staff nurses at Narayana medical college Hospital, Nellore
Swapna N, D Revathi, N Subhashin, Arundhathi S and Dr. Indira S
Pages: 1025-1027  |  903 Views  38 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Biodegradation of pigment yellow-73 (PY-73) by Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenb.: Link) Lind
HR Ravikumar and CS Karigar
Pages: 1028-1031  |  505 Views  12 Downloads
Subject: Biochemistry  |  Country: India
Disability, technology and independent living
Pankaj Singh Kushwaha
Pages: 1032-1037  |  446 Views  8 Downloads
Subject: Social Science  |  Country: India
Social ScienceIndia
A study on factors influencing on consumer behaviour towards cosmetics with special reference to Chennai city
Dr. DS Latha
Pages: 1038-1042  |  718 Views  15 Downloads
Subject: Human Resource  |  Country: India
Human ResourceIndia
A study to identify the attributes of celebrity that influence the students’ perception
Ashok Kumar Dhaka and Amit Kumar Bdgujar
Pages: 1043-1047  |  516 Views  15 Downloads
Subject: Business  |  Country: India
Breaking the dichotomy between Western and Islamic discourses on Islam: Visions of coexistence, peace and harmony
Arvind Dahiya
Pages: 1048-1051  |  482 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Social  |  Country: India
Mass surveillance: Enhancing national and human security
Arvind Dahiya
Pages: 1052-1056  |  494 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Defence  |  Country: India
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