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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part B (2018)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
A study on capital structure and solvency position of TVS Srichakra limited using ratio analysis from 2013-2017
Dr. Lakshmi G, P Roshini, B Sowmya and V Shrivarthini
Pages: 81-88  |  623 Views  31 Downloads
Subject: Accounting  |  Country: India
Development of women’s education in Tamil Nadu: A study
Dr. MP Mohamed Farook and Dr. KMA Mohamed Omer Farooque
Pages: 89-91  |  542 Views  37 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
The effect of training on heart rate
Dr. Suresh B Patil, Shivanand R Jattennavar and Vithal D Metri
Pages: 92-99  |  608 Views  20 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
Legal construction of the law enforcement system against financial abuse of state-owned enterprises in connection with the criminal act of corruption
Anthon Arie Kimbal, Ronald Mawuntu, Wulanmas Frederik and Flora Kalalo
Pages: 100-108  |  514 Views  20 Downloads
Subject: Law  |  Country: Indonesia
Attitude of students towards traffic rules
Mathuri and Ayesha Arif Zinna
Pages: 109-118  |  557 Views  19 Downloads
Subject: Applied Psychology  |  Country: India
Applied PsychologyIndia
A comparative analysis on physical fitness of urban and rural boys area
Dr. Suresh B Patil, Shivanand R Jattennavar and Hanamanth M Talawar
Pages: 119-125  |  564 Views  13 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
A study to assess the knowledge on diarrhoea among mothers of under five children in selected urban areas of Pune city
Manisha Karkar, Abi Achankunju, Akshay S Patade, Rintu Mathew, Stalin P Samuel and Tejas Patankar
Pages: 126-127  |  604 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Impact of BMI on liver enzymes in perimenopausal women
Dr. Meenakshi Sharma and Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma
Pages: 128-130  |  525 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Physiology  |  Country: India
Customer awareness on food & safety regulations in India: Current scenario
S Jayanthi Sobhana and Dr. P Sekar
Pages: 131-133  |  534 Views  12 Downloads
Subject: Commerce  |  Country: India
Impact of calcium supplement through egg shell on tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) production in aquaponic system
Saroar Zahan, KM Shakil Rana, MD Khairul Islam, Rafia Afrin, Tania Islam and MA Salam
Pages: 134-139  |  537 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Agricultural  |  Country: Bangladesh
षष्ठीस्थानेयोगा इति सूत्रस्य प्रख्यापनम्‌
डॉ. सुवल चन्द्र साहु
Pages: 140-142  |  22 Views  2 Downloads
Subject: Sanskrit  |  Country: India
भारत में स्वास्थ्य सेवा एवं आर्थिक मूल्यांकनः एक विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन
सुजीत कुमार शर्मा
Pages: 143-146  |  105 Views  1 Downloads
Subject: वाणिज्य विभाग  |  Country: India
वाणिज्य विभागIndia
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