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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 4, Part C (2020)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
Uranium industry in east singhbhum: A case study in socio-economic perspective
Nitesh Raj
Pages: 151-153  |  132 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Economics  |  Country: India
Hot brains: A predictive study of game addiction, aggression and self-control
Neha Sharma
Pages: 154-157  |  127 Views  8 Downloads
Subject: Medical  |  Country: India
समकालीन हिंदी उपन्यासों में किन्नर विमर्श
डॉ॰ प्रीति अग्रवाल
Pages: 158-162  |  18 Views  6 Downloads
Subject: Social Media  |  Country: India
Social MediaIndia
അനുഭവവും ആഖ്യാനവും: ആത്മകഥയുടെ സ്വരൂപത്തെ മുൻനിർത്തിയുള്ള ആലോചനകൾ
കെഎസ് ഇന്ദുലേഖ
Pages: 163-167  |  125 Views  2 Downloads
Subject: Malayalam  |  Country: India
Lkkekftd ;FkkFkZ dh ifjHkk"kk ,oa Lo:Ik
fou; 'kadj
Pages: 168-171  |  120 Views  6 Downloads
Subject: Hindi  |  Country: India
Økafrdkjh vkUnksyu % mn~Hko vkSj fodkl
dYiuk dqekjh
Pages: 172-174  |  121 Views  5 Downloads
Subject: Hindi  |  Country: India
Effects of alternatives substrates to soil on the growth and production of the Eggplant (Solanum macrocarpon)
Ayolie Koutoua, Soro Dogniméton, Blehou Edja Clotaire, Ballo Espérence Kouadio, Kanga Ahou Nadia and Kouadio Yatty Justi
Pages: 175-181  |  123 Views  5 Downloads
Subject: Agroforestry  |  Country: Cote D'Ivoire
AgroforestryCote D'Ivoire
The immediate effect of manipulation and muscle energy technque versus muscle energy technique alone on pain and range of motion in subjects with chronic neck pain: A randomised controlled trial
Dr. Syed Rais Akhter Rizvi and Dr. Umashankar Panda
Pages: 182-191  |  110 Views  2 Downloads
Subject: Orthopedic and Sport Physiotherapy  |  Country: India
Orthopedic and Sport PhysiotherapyIndia
Healthcare services quality, companion’s satisfaction, and intention to revisit: A review paper
Mohamed Fathi A Aboulhoul and K Ramanathan Kalimuthu
Pages: 192-196  |  112 Views  2 Downloads
Subject: Business Management  |  Country: Malaysia
Business ManagementMalaysia
The philosophical platform of social reformation in Kerala: A study based on Narayana Guru's Poems
Dr. Amal C Rajan
Pages: 197-199  |  117 Views  2 Downloads
Subject: Philosophy  |  Country: India
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