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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 9, Part A (2018)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
Study antibiotic sensitivity and resistance pattern from sputum / tracheal swab of patients on ventilatory support in ICU of tertiary care hospital
Dr. Anil S Joshi, Sayali S Shirkhedkar, Dr. SR Shahi, Rishik Sharma, Shivam Tiwari, Aishwarya Khadke and Preeti Naikwade
Pages: 01-04  |  658 Views  59 Downloads
Subject: Pharmacy  |  Country: India
Islamic political thought
Shubham Sahu
Pages: 05-10  |  466 Views  35 Downloads
Subject: Political Science  |  Country: India
Political ScienceIndia
Need of moral education vs religious education in present scenario
Dr. Paras Jain
Pages: 11-12  |  426 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
Dermal co-morbidity profile in clinically diagnosed polymorphous light eruption: A clinical study of 100 cases
Dr. Deepak Sharma and Dr. KS Dhillon
Pages: 13-16  |  458 Views  12 Downloads
Subject: Medical  |  Country: India
A retrospective study of clinico-epidemiological profile of wart patients
Dr. Mohd Sadiq Umar and Dr. Deepak Sharma
Pages: 17-19  |  445 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Medical  |  Country: India
Effectiveness of parental teaching programme on knowledge regarding management of behavior resulting from cartoon programme viewing among parents of school going children at selected urban residences of Bijapur
Appanagoud M Patil, Shakuntala Baby, Dr. Ninganagouda G Patil and Satish N
Pages: 20-24  |  573 Views  25 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Atypical haemolytic uremic syndrome in patient of CKD
Dr. Vineeta Pande, Dr. Nadeem Azad, Dr. Manoj Matnani, Dr. Mayank Surana and Dr. Samira Narayan
Pages: 25-27  |  421 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Medical  |  Country: India
Perception of Lagos state based tertiary institution students towards the hidden health dangers of mobile internet devices
Dr. Oyeyemi Sunday O, Dr. Dele-Giwa Deborah and Dr. Akinola Victor
Pages: 28-35  |  460 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: Nigeria
आधुनिक जीवन की समस्याओं का एक मात्र समाधान गीता का कर्मयोग
डाॅ इन्द्रनारायण झा
Pages: 36-38  |  955 Views  57 Downloads
Subject: Social Science  |  Country: India
Social ScienceIndia
A study to assess the co-relation of bio physical profile on maternal outcome among antenatal and postnatal mothers admitted in NMCH, Nellore
Meera Mary B, Latha P and Dr. Indira Arumugam
Pages: 39-41  |  412 Views  8 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Escherichia coli mediated human urinary tract epithelial cells infections, Harbouring extended-spectrum b-lactamases
Jaya Bhanu Kanwar and Abhay Kumar Sahoo
Pages: 42-45  |  420 Views  5 Downloads
Subject: Endocrinology  |  Country: India
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International Journal of Applied Research