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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 8, Part K (2015)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
Treatment Efficiency Study of Nizwa New Sewage Treatment Plant
Satyanarayana SV, Natiq Joodi, Ali Saleh Al Kendy
Pages: 635-637  |  867 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Engineering  |  Country: Oman
Education and Rural Commuting: A Case Study of Dhubri District in Assam
Md. Rafique Uddin Ahmed
Pages: 638-641  |  848 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Economics  |  Country: India
A survey on information and communication technology infrastructure in engineering College libraries in Sri Venkateswara university area
T Raghunadha Reddy, V Pulla Reddy
Pages: 642-650  |  796 Views  8 Downloads
Subject: Library and Information Science  |  Country: India
Library and Information ScienceIndia
A Study of Teacher Effectiveness of Primary School Teachers
AC Lal Kumar, R Krishna Kumar
Pages: 651-654  |  836 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
A Correlative Study of Income Level and Environmental Hygiene in Chhaygaon Revenue Circle, Kamrup District, Assam
Chumi Kalita, Sarbeswar Kalita
Pages: 655-658  |  817 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Environmental Science  |  Country: India
Environmental ScienceIndia
An Analysis on Market Propective of Rural Banking among Customers in Delhi
Rajni Kundu
Pages: 659-661  |  768 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Commerce  |  Country: India
A Comperative study on AAHPER youth fitness test norms with a newly constructed percentile Norms of 13 years boys
Sushanta Pal, Dr. Madhab Chandra Ghosh
Pages: 662-665  |  975 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
On The Binary Quadratic Diophantine Equation x2 - 3xy + y2 + 21x = 0
S. Vidhyalakshmi, M. A. Gopalan, R. Presenna, N. Christy
Pages: 666-669  |  892 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Mathematics  |  Country: India
On the Higgs boson and a novel theory on the inertia phenomenon
Leandro Meléndez Lugo
Pages: 670-676  |  845 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Nuclear Science  |  Country: México
Nuclear ScienceMéxico
Investigation of the suitability of a flat plate collector in a multi-effect humidification (MEH) system in Makurdi
Edeoja A. O, Aliyu S. J, Ameh J. A
Pages: 677-682  |  839 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Engineering  |  Country: Nigeria
Green accounting and practices
Shavita Deshwal
Pages: 683-684  |  910 Views  31 Downloads
Subject: Business Administration  |  Country: India
Business AdministrationIndia
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International Journal of Applied Research