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Vol. 9, Issue 6, Part E (2023)

S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
A comprehensive review of the health, hunger, and nutritional status of south and southeast Asian street children
Dr. Chhavi Arya and Divya
Pages: 310-317  |  128 Views  47 Downloads
Subject: Home Science  |  Country: India
Home ScienceIndia
L’apport du numérique dans le changement des perceptions de l’écoute radiophonique. Cas de la radio au Maroc
Zahra Zemmit and Laila Aboussi
Pages: 318-325  |  81 Views  18 Downloads
Subject: Human Sciences  |  Country: Morocco
Human SciencesMorocco
Comparative evaluation of antifungal activity of Vidanga Taila, Katu Taila & Murchhita Katu Taila against candida albicans
Dr. Jyoti Sonkar and Dr. Dev Nath Singh Gautam
Pages: 326-330  |  79 Views  17 Downloads
Subject: Medical Science  |  Country: India
Medical ScienceIndia
Quantitative and qualitative enumeration of phytoplankton community in relation to Physico-Chemical Factors in Tumbadi Lake of Koratagere, Karnataka
Shalini BR and VN Murulidhara
Pages: 331-337  |  124 Views  37 Downloads
Subject: Botany  |  Country: India
High protein cookies made up of (soya flour) and Fibre (Banana Peel Powder)
Himanshi, Dr. Ritu Aggarwal and Deepak
Pages: 338-341  |  82 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Food Science and Technology  |  Country: India
Food Science and TechnologyIndia
Effect of body mass index on electroglottographic findings in Normals: A cross gender comparison
Sherlyn L Kerketta, Bibhu Prasad Hota and Rahul Kumar Shailat
Pages: 342-344  |  82 Views  19 Downloads
Subject: Speech & Hearing  |  Country: India
Speech & HearingIndia
Sports injury review: Causes, prevention, and rehabilitation
Amandeep Kaur
Pages: 345-346  |  79 Views  20 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
Seasonal variation in water quality of a Sujara Dam, Tikamgarh District (M.P.)
Asharam Yadav and Amit Tiwari
Pages: 347-350  |  101 Views  32 Downloads
Subject: Zoology  |  Country: India
Effectiveness of You Tube advertisement in purchase decision
Shamli A Joshi and Bhagyashree A Joshi
Pages: 351-356  |  81 Views  27 Downloads
Subject: Social Media  |  Country: India
Social MediaIndia
A study on teachers’ attitude towards e-learning in Cuttack District, Odisha
Anshuman Jena
Pages: 357-363  |  267 Views  56 Downloads
Subject: Teacher Education  |  Country: India
Teacher EducationIndia
Study on creativity in relation to socio-economic status in secondary school students
Mahboob Alam and Dr. Absarul Haque
Pages: 364-367  |  56 Views  21 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
कामकाजी महिला, घरेलू महिला एवं बालिकाओं का शिक्षा के प्रति अभिवृत्तियों का अध्ययन
निगार परवीन, डॉ. नाज़मा बेबी
Pages: 368-371  |  56 Views  18 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
Racial deprivation and adversity in context of life and times of Michael K
Sufdar Hussain Bhat
Pages: 372-375  |  58 Views  25 Downloads
Subject: History  |  Country: India
Adjustment pattern of male and female students
Urfi Jan
Pages: 376-380  |  56 Views  18 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
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