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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 10, Part A (2015)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
Hypothetical Experience of Challenges in Teaching across Different Cultural Environment
Kartikey V Koti
Pages: 01-04  |  862 Views  58 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
A study and Analysis of the impact of Internal marking in Education of the caste SC and ST in Buldhana District
Vidhyadhar S Athawar, Dr. PV Ubale
Pages: 05-07  |  771 Views  21 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
Developing a cumulative scale for measuring the performance of self-help groups in rural areas
Kannappan Devaki, Perumal Mathialagan, VE Sabarathnam
Pages: 08-14  |  778 Views  25 Downloads
Subject: Social Science  |  Country: India
Social ScienceIndia
CO2 removal from the atmosphere by different anthropogenic methods
Juthika Das, Shrinwantu Raha
Pages: 15-20  |  779 Views  19 Downloads
Subject: Oceanographic Studies  |  Country: India
Oceanographic StudiesIndia
The Importance of Music Education on Child Development
Joyanta Sarkar, Utpal Biswas
Pages: 21-24  |  723 Views  26 Downloads
Subject: Music  |  Country: India
Hy510 Grease: Maximum Temperature Support and Its Application in Cob Led Heat Management
Er. Pal Riya Bipradas Sanchita
Pages: 25-29  |  844 Views  17 Downloads
Subject: Engineering  |  Country: India
Influence of media exposure on vocational interest among adolescents
Karuna Sharma
Pages: 30-33  |  762 Views  23 Downloads
Subject: Home science  |  Country: India
Home scienceIndia
Comparative Study of GD, LM and SCG Method of Neural Network for Thyroid Disease Diagnosis
Prerana, Parveen Sehgal, Khushboo Taneja
Pages: 34-39  |  744 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Management and Technology  |  Country: India
Management and TechnologyIndia
Lean practices and supply chain trends in Indian auto industry
Mrunalini D Dodkey, Quazi Khabeer
Pages: 40-54  |  854 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Management  |  Country: India
Corporates as socially responsible citizens: A study on the present status of socially responsible behavior of corporates in India and other nations
Vandana Deswal
Pages: 55-57  |  806 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Management  |  Country: India
Effect of aerobic cross training and aerobic training on selected physiological variables
Dr. R Rajaram
Pages: 58-60  |  629 Views  7 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
Unusual variations in climates and production of food grains of Bihar have an effect of the gonadal cycles of avian fauna
Shilpi Kumari
Pages: 61-62  |  116 Views  4 Downloads
Subject: Zoology  |  Country: India
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International Journal of Applied Research